Veggetti Power

Instantly Turn Veggies into Delicious Healthy Spaghetti – with the Touch of a Button! Order Now!

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Each Veggetti™ Power Includes:
3 Cone Blades, Recipe Guide & Bonus Slicing Blade

  • Available In Red
  • Available In Black
  • Available In RWhite

Features & Benefits

  • Electric Vegetable Spiralizer
  • Makes Prep Work with Fruits and Vegetables Quick & Easy!
  • 3 Interchangeable Blades – Thin, Thick & Ribbon
  • Large Capacity Holds 64 oz.
  • Helps Create Fun, Healthy Meals
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Clean
  • Gluten Free!
The Fastest, Easiest Way to Turn Veggies into Delicious Healthy Spaghetti!
  • Pefect for all this
  • Perfect for all this

Stainless steel blade and powerful rotary motor power through all your vegetables in a flash.

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  • Zucchini Zucchini
  • Squash Squash
  • Carrots Carrots
  • Cucumbers Cucumbers
  • Potatoes Potatoes

It’s that simple, just place and press! Just place the vegetable in the cone, press the button and push it through!

Create mountains of healthy vegetable pasta in seconds with just the press of a button!

The secret is the stainless steel blade and powerful rotary motor that powers through all your vegetables in a flash.

Veggetti™ Power comes with 3 different cones. Choose thick, thin or ribbon cut pasta… for perfect vegetable noodles everytime! Also, you'll get a 4th bonus slicing blade!

Add your favorite sauce, garlic and olive oil, Veggetti™ Alfredo, Asian noodles or pasta primavera.

Power through all your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds for a guilt-free, healthy, gourmet feast with Veggetti™ Power. And Best of All – it’s Gluten Free!

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Introducing Veggetti™ Power